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Welcome to Harvest Point Ministry Inc

Reaching, Teaching & Training for Service

We are excited by your visit and we trust that you will discover rich treasure of purpose in him as you explore this site for information an other useful resources about this ministry. We are a ministry focussed on the labor to reap the end-time-harvest for the soon returning King of Kings and Lord of Lords. It is our prayer that the Lord will enable you find your place in His field and cause you to discover fulfillment of life purpose in bringing – in the Harvest. Amen


Henry Odeneye

Senior Pastor

Henry Odeneye

Henry Odeneye is a Pastor with The Apostolic Church and the President of Harvest Point Ministries Inc. A proven minister . . .

James Wheetley

Senior Pastor

James Wheetley

James Wheetly is the fifth generation of Baptist Preachers. He began preaching at the age of fifteen in the Spill Ways of Mississippi River.

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